Slurring Bush at the New York Times

The utter disdain of New York Times reporters for President Bush makes a mockery of the supposed "separation of church and state" (putatively reporting neutrally, editorializing from the left) in their brand of journalism. The Times' condescension or loathing of the President seeps into news stories subtly. But there was nothing subtle in the case in a remarkable Times story which appeared on May 3rd .  In a worshipful article and interview with new MIT President Dr. Susan Hockfield, reporter Cornelia Dean stepped into it so deeply that the Times was forced to acknowledge the problem. MIT is of more than passing interest to this writer, since I have a graduate degree from the school. In many ways, MIT is an admirable place. In particular, I admire the fact that by and large MIT is one of the only true meritocracies among the elite undergraduate schools. MIT is certainly not alone in the almost—impossible—to—get—into category — so are Harvard, Yale,...(Read Full Article)