Jihad begot the Crusades (1)

[Part 2, including end notes, can be read here] The New York Times' Alan Riding recently opined that  '...[The C]rusades were waged, [by] European monarchs, lords, knights and their armies of devout followers to fight — and settle — in an area stretching between what is today Syria and Egypt. The Muslims responded  [emphasis added] with their own sporadic jihads until finally, by 1291, the Christians had been driven out.' He further lauds the fact that in Ridley Scott's new film portrayal of the Crusades, Kingdom of Heaven   '...Mr. Scott and his screenwriter, William Monahan, have tried to be balanced. Muslims are portrayed as bent on coexistence until Christian extremists ruin everything.' [emphasis added]  Little wonder then that the jihadist organization CAIR,  waxed enthusiastic about the film following an advanced screening. Unfortunately, such ahistorical claptrap has become standard fare for journalistic and even...(Read Full Article)