Are liberals begging for it?

The rules of engagement governing the Tower of Babel that passes for political discourse nowadays trace their intellectual roots to World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc., although some of the original sophistication has been stripped away. Designed to minimize brainwork, they encourage competing ideologues to smash folding chairs over one another's heads. The dramatis personae usually include a hero and a villain. The guy wearing the striped shirt is the referee. He's lying on the mat pretending to be unconscious so that he won't be able to notice any of the flagrant fouls. He is, of course, in on the fix. In the world of politics, the ref works for the mainstream media, and is untrammeled by dress codes or outmoded notions of neutrality. The job requires looking in the other direction when the liberal hero engages in a little righteous eye—gouging or groin—kicking to give the conservative villain what's coming to him. At this juncture, it is customary to emit a ritualistic...(Read Full Article)