America betrayed: the judicial filibuster 'compromise'

It will be some time before the full impact of this week's sellout by seven so—called 'moderate' Republicans in the U.S. Senate becomes completely apparent. The plan to break Democrat filibusters of judicial nominees was, in reality, no less than a Republican fight to restore the integrity of the Constitution. But in the face of the Republican defections, Democrats will now credibly claim to have protected it, and the nation as a whole, from the ravages of Republican 'extremism.' Despite media spin, this arrangement was no agreement among 'centrists' from both parties. The seven Democrats who participated in the deal acted as devoted foot soldiers for Senate Minority leader Harry Reid, loyally doing his bidding. In contrast, the seven Republican participants knowingly betrayed their own party's leadership. Were Newsweek magazine to objectively cover the event, it might show them flushing a U.S. Constitution down the toilet. In return for their complete abandonment of efforts...(Read Full Article)