A whiff of panic

Last week in NRO the eminent theologian and political philosopher Michael Novak gently chided the emotional Andrew Sullivan for his over—the—top criticism of the Catholic Church.  It is not true, he wrote, that the papacy of John Paul II saw an unparalleled quashing of dissent in the Church.  The only man irrevocably excommunicated was 'Archbishop Lefebvre (and his followers) of the traditionalist movement that rejects Vatican II.'  Presumably the gay activist Andrew Sullivan does not object to that. This is indeed a peculiar season.  All across the political square left—wing activists are hurling immoderate accusations of extremism at moderate conservatives: at moderately conservative judge nominees, at moderate reform of Social Security, and at a moderately conservative pope. The only thing moderate about all this is the moderate response of conservatives to all the hysteria and extremism. Conservatives would be delighted to negotiate a...(Read Full Article)