Unsolicited advice for the Church

Ever since the death of John Paul II, people have been generously offering to help plan the future of the Catholic Church.  They recognize that the Church occupies a unique position in the world, and they want it to succeed. [Snort, cough, giggle.] Okay,  they just want to graft their own agenda onto the Church's robust root stock and grow their own fruit upon it. The British atheist Matthew Parris wants the Church to become amiably feeble like the Church of England, and the left wants it to incorporate its secular sacraments of abortion, women in the priesthood, contraception, condoms, and gay marriage into the already substantial list of seven sacraments: baptism, confirmation, eucharist, penance and reconciliation, anointing of the sick, holy orders, and matrimony. All this free advice would be comical if it weren't so outrageous.  How in the world does a secular journalist imagine that she has standing to advise the Conclave of the College of Cardinals on the...(Read Full Article)