The best of times or the worst of times for the GOP?

The Baehr Essentials The mainstream media are full of news stories, written with barely concealed glee, suggesting a GOP crackup is near. The accepted story line is that far right Christian conservatives have rocked the political boat too hard, and moderate Republicans and independents are slipping away. Considering the public response to the Congressional action in the Schiavo case, the President's faltering Social Security reform effort with private accounts, Tom DeLay's ethics problems, John Bolton's confirmation problems, and polls showing low approval ratings for President Bush, and low levels of popular support for changing the Senate's filibuster rules, it might appear that GOP efforts are stalled across the board. With so much to celebrate, the editorial board of the New York Times may be breaking out the bubbly earlier in the day than normal. But a more sober assessment of the current political climate does not create nearly so bleak a picture for the President and his...(Read Full Article)