The race to unimportance

Everybody now knows that President Larry Summers of Harvard, leader of an institution devoted both to truth and phonics (VE—RI—TAS, it says on the Harvard crest), is in serious trouble for pursuing truth.  It is a situation beyond parody.  But inquiring minds are bound to wonder what is really behind all the sound and fury.  Suppose the attack on Summers were not just a power play by leading women in science?  It could have deep philosophical significance. As sophisticated thinkers we should not eliminate the most likely possibility: mindless liberal wreckers at work.  Liberals have already wrecked K—12 education, and they have wrecked the little platoons of civil society with their welfare state.  They wrecked the working class, turning it into the underclass.  They are doing their darndest to wreck the nuclear 'heteronormative' family.  Why not wreck the university, too?  But why should liberal women want to wreck...(Read Full Article)