The 'No Right Answer' Game

(Inspired by 'The Wrong Army,' by Jeff Edwards, USN, Ret., warrior and novelist) America's forces have won all their wars,From Revolution to war in Iraq;And Lefties don't point to the Vietnam War,Where you stabbed winning troops in the back.No, the truth is we win; we win time and again;Done it time after time after time.Doesn't matter to you, 'cause whatever we do,We've always somehow dropped the dime. To Lefties our generals just have to be wrong,Wrong tactics, wrong weapons, wrong forces;We're the gang who somehow can never shoot straight,To hear the mainstream media sources.Just look at their headlines, view every day's news,With their blistering barrages of blame.To warriors out here at the point of the spear,It's those losers' 'No Right Answer,' game. In this lugubrious game loved by Liberal elites,There's just but one rule to enforce:Whatever we do, in whatever war,Must naturally be wrong of course.There is no right answer, no matter what,Even when our warriors are...(Read Full Article)