For the Times, it is always racism

For the third time in a week, the New York Times has devoted space on the front page of its main news section to a sports article. The first story covered the baseball steroid hearings in Congress. The second was a feel—good puff piece on how victories by low—seeded teams make the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament so exciting. Some Times staffer or editor who graduated from Vermont or Bucknell probably had this 'major' story placed on Page one. Yesterday's Times' front page sports story  was different. In the tradition of the earlier campaign by the Times (40 stories!) and the National Organization for Women to get the Augusta National Country Club to accept a female member, yesterday (March 22) the Times said that racism must be the reason why black NBA coaches have shorter tenures than white coaches. The authors of the article are David Leonhardt and Ford Fessenden. I know neither of them, and do not know whether they have any background in statistics....(Read Full Article)