A clarion call to Republicans: take back the cities

While the Republican Party rightfully celebrates the re—election of President Bush and a slew of other Republicans in Congress, now is precisely the time for Republicans to extend their dominance in areas heretofore considered terra incognita: the nation's urban areas.  Republicans have mentally erected a sign at the borders where suburbs become major cities: 'Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.' Yet writing off these areas while devoting resources to the suburbs, exurbs and the countryside is a flawed strategy on many levels. Cultivating and strengthening Republicans in cities can bring many benefits while simultaneously weakening the Democratic Party. For by planting the seeds now, we can reap in the future what we will have sown in the present. The time is now ideal to 'tear down this wall.' The typical political map of America shows splotches of red and blue states indicating which Presidential candidate won that state's electoral votes. A more detailed...(Read Full Article)