Rage and humiliation at the Washington Post

Richard Cohen's column yesterday exemplifies the incoherent rage of the left which pervades our media. In this column "Rage in Riyadh," Cohen bemoans the "rage" which Saudis feel when they face such inconveniences as "humiliating" immigration delays or the anger when one would—be immigrant was denied a visa because he had ignored a traffic ticket. Yet, many law enforcement and terrorist experts have long—complained that the Visa Express program, which permitted Saudis extraordinarily easy access to America was one of the causes of 9/11, because it gave an upper hand to terrorists, as a column in Thursday's Washington Times stated.  Perhaps Mr. Cohen forgot that at least one of the 9/11 hijackers also shared a history of "blowing off" traffic tickets, and that under the renowned "broken windows" theory, one problem with the law often is a tip—off of a pattern of illegality. What was telling is that Cohen chooses to use the term...(Read Full Article)