Old Sarge gets a care package

Sergeant Vaughn got a care package today. It's been almost forty years since I got my last one, a case of twenty—four #2 cans of sliced peaches from my father. Memory fails me now, but I don't believe I ever asked before he died what it cost to mail that monster,  but it must have been a pretty hefty hit in the wallet for a lifelong blue—collar worker. I had happened to mention in one of my rare letters home from Vietnam that canned, sliced peaches were my favorite item in our C Rations even if they were twenty years old. We could date them because the small cigarette packs enclosed with the rations were frequently Lucky Strikes in the old green packages that were phased out in the forties. In any event, at mail call back in the rear area, the company clerk yells out, 'Sergeant Vaughn! Care package!' and I responded with a somewhat surprised 'Yo!' Stepping front and center I stared with momentary incomprehension at the large, heavily taped and badly battered,...(Read Full Article)