American demography and support for Israel

There is good news and bad news.*  The good news is that the reports of the decline of Jewish and pro—Israel influence, and the rise of Arab/Muslim influence in the American political system are at the moment greatly exaggerated. The bad news is that change is underway, and the relative shift described above is occurring.  Daniel Pipes has recently written that the golden age of Jews in America is ending. Today I will explore that thesis, particularly as it relates to American support for Israel.  I will address several issues: 1. The changing political dynamics within the two parties — and the fortunes of the two parties. 2. The impact of high immigration levels, and minority population growth. 3. Jewish population decline. 4. Arab and Muslim population growth. 5.  Evangelicals' population growth. 6. The growing sophistication of Israel's political enemies in the US. 7.  The distancing of media, academic and intellectual elites from...(Read Full Article)