The relationship doctor

There's something about my face I think. I'm sixty—three, a touch introverted , not at all given to small talk and yet at every opportunity perfect strangers reveal to me their most intimate thoughts and hopes. Returning from Los Angeles last month, I sat next to a charming young man from England (not too many details will be given to you because, well ,it's his story). It appeared he was the well—to—do scion of a man who had three wives. The boy loved his father dearly, but with the same passion disliked his mother . He had made a lot of money himself ("trading", he said at first, but later made clear it was gambling) and had decided to take time off and travel. It seems he was smitten with a girl in California who a year earlier had broken a date with a pre—existing boyfriend to be with him. This year while visiting there he'd run into her again. This time she was to attend an event with her (now ex) boyfriend, a formal event, which she backed out of to be...(Read Full Article)