Shilling for the new Castro

Last week, three US Senators, Florida's Bill Nelson, Connecticut's Christopher Dodd, and Rhode Island's Lincoln Chafee visited with Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez in Caracas, to try to assess the deteriorating state of US—Venezuelan relations.  The three Senators left their meeting, reciting the need for improved relations, and describing how central was Venezuela's role in supplying oil to America. The identical statements could have been uttered had the three Senators visited the sheikhs and princes in Saudi Arabia, of course. However, other than the many paid shills for Saudi Arabia in the think tanks and Middle East studies institutes in this country, the rapture for Saudi Arabia has fallen off among the political class since 9/11.  America does get a fair share of its imported oil from Venezuela. But the recent problems between the two countries are not of America's making. As even the mainstream American press has begun to report, Chavez is a bit of a...(Read Full Article)