She's blinding me with science

What Happens When Science and Feminism Become Bedfellows One curious thing about scientific pronouncements is that they often seem to accord more with the spirit of the age than fact and reason.  Thus, a Nazi researcher in 1930's Germany would analyze data from only one angle and state, 'You see, this vindicates our assertion that the Aryans are the master race.'  Now, lest you think that such provincial thinking doesn't plague our enlightened age, I can assure you, it's alive and well — only the ends have changed.      Many agendas exist in the world of 'objective' science, but none does more violence to science's search for and relation of truth than the feminist one.  And the effect of feminism goes far and deep but, needless to say, its filters are most employed in the area of sex differences.      Not too long ago feminists were deathly afraid of such study, fearing that the differences found would indicate that men...(Read Full Article)