Religion and the presidency

On his website, Andrew Sullivan takes President George W. Bush to task for some comments he made during an interviewwith the Washington Times, in which the President discussed his reliance on faith in discharging his duties in office. Sullivan cites the phrase in which the President says he cannot 'see how you can be President without a relationship with the Lord.' Sullivan calls this 'a new level of religio—political fusion in this administration' and demands that President Bush retract the statement. ThePresidentwill do nothing of the kind. To his credit, Sullivan does actually link to the entire article in the Times, yet he leaves out the critical context of the President's remarks, to whit: 'I fully understand that the job of the president is and must always be protecting the great right of people to worship or not worship as they see fit. That's what distinguishes us from the Taliban. The greatest freedom we have or one of the greatest freedoms is the right to worship...(Read Full Article)