Greedy hypocrites

The recent disparagement of American aid efforts to help tsunami victims as 'stingy' by Jan Egeland, Under—Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs at the United Nations, is merely the latest in a series of anti—American words and actions by Norway and Norwegians. While one might generously characterize some of these actions as merely the typical left—wing carping of self—styled 'humanitarians,' or as the by—product of good intentions gone awry, a closer analysis reveals that a prime motivation of this disproportionate hostility might be based on that oldest of human failings: greed. Recent history indicates that the Nobel Peace Prizes have become a prime forum for Committee members (many of them Norwegians) to use their undeserved pristine and neutral reputation to engage in problematic actions towards America and her allies. The Norwegian Nobel Peace Prize Committee in 2002 chose to award that most anti—American of American Presidents Jimmy...(Read Full Article)