With friends like these

Salam al—Marayati, the executive director of the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), represents himself and his organization as stalwart opponents of terrorism who are actively working with the FBI and California law enforcement agencies to combat it. At a joint press conference with representatives of the FBI and the Los Angeles Police Department on October 14 of this year, Marayati waxed expansive and almost poetic in his glowing account of his organization's cooperation with law enforcement agencies in the war against terrorism. MPAC has announced a 'National Anti—Terrorism Campaign,' and is holding its 4th annual conference (see its poster here) on December 18th around the theme 'Countering Religious and Political Extremism.' Note the way the poster implicitly equates Daniel Pipes, Steven Emerson, Pat Robertson and Donald Rumsfeld with Osama bin Laden. For years now, al—Marayati and MPAC have represented themselves as opponents of terrorism,...(Read Full Article)