What a character

One of the names recently bandied about to fill the President's last remaining Cabinet position, that of Director of Homeland Security, has been Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman. Among the country's most well—known Senators—even before his run as Al Gore's Vice—Presidential candidate—Lieberman is highly respected on both sides of the aisle as being reasonable, strong on foreign policy matters, fiscally—prudent, and socially centrist. His sobriquet as 'The Conscience of the Senate' seems well—deserved. Many feel that Lieberman would be an excellent candidate: fully vetted by his years of Senate service and his run for Vice President, well—informed about national security issues, known and respected on the international stage. Yet if offered the position, Lieberman would find himself in a very tenuous situation. His acceptance would create a vacancy in the Senate, a vacancy that, under current Connecticut statutes, would be filled by...(Read Full Article)