Tariq Ramadan is not a victim

While the master of double talk just died, others are using the same strategy to advance their somber cause. I am of course talking of Palestinian Authority Chairman Arafat who used and abused double talk. While he pretended in English that he had turned the page on his terrorist past to become a respectable statesman, his rhetoric in Arabic never moved an iota. By not having paid attention to his speeches in Arabic, the whole world fell into Arafat's trap, except some outstanding visionaries such as Norman Podhoretz who had his eyes and ears wide open. The new students of Arafat's success are hard at work in putting his advice into action. But the real new king of double talk is the Swiss Muslim scholar Tariq Ramadan. He became famous (or rather infamous) in the USA because, for the time being, a very wise move of the Department of Homeland Security forbids him entry to our country to start teaching at Notre Dame University. Just a few days ago, he decided to resign from this job...(Read Full Article)