A history lesson for the Cupertino Union School District

A nation's moral life is the foundation of its culture.'  —— Robert Bork "Independence can be trusted nowhere but with the people in mass. They are inherently independent of all but moral law." —— Thomas Jefferson, 1819 In a recent panel of the comic strip 'La Cucaracha' (www. lacucaracha.com), an elementary school teacher intones to her students:  'The Pilgrims came to America to escape religious persecution.... They then persecuted the Indians for having their own cultural and religious beliefs.'  'What are they doing now?' a student asks.  'Moving in on the rest of us,' comes the zany reply.  Neither funny nor profound, the comic strip's compendious cheap shot targets not just the original settlers, themselves the victims of religious persecution, but modern—day Christians.  Religious persecution, ironically, is both its theme and its purpose.      The point of view this strip grimly...(Read Full Article)