The rise and fall of Annanistan

Recent history has seen the emergence on the world stage of two transnational groups which have committed, aided and abetted terror worldwide: Osama Bin Laden's al Qaeda and Kofi Annan's United Nations. Because the UN has been cloaked with an aura of legitimacy it should not enjoy, it has been granted or greedily assumed powers it should never possess. The United Nations has been so completely been shaped by the failures of its presiding leader Kofi Annan that this octopus—like amalgamation should be characterized as Annanistan. A requirement of world peace is that Annanistan be not just contained, but that Annan himself be ousted. Annan has clearly shown an unwillingness or inability to correct his mistakes or deal with the corruption that has perverted the purpose of the UN. The most important issue facing the world today is terror. Yet Annan has always been weak—kneed when confronting one of the most severe manifestations of terror, genocide. Indeed, he won't confront...(Read Full Article)