Swift Justice

Swift Justice Bold John sailed forth in his faux scow,Till the Swiftees fired across his bow;And legions of irate attorneys,Could not defend Cambodian journeys,Nor stories of his fabled hat,So voters sensed they smelled a rat.And while the networks denied them prime,The Swiftees surely got their time.  While John screamed it was all a smear,O'Brien came across sincere,And forced Big John to duck the press,To run, to hide from his specious mess.But relentless those old Swiftee guys,They bit, hung on, exposed his lies.These brave old warriors once againStood for their country, for their kin. They made us all look one more timeAt the traitor who'd charged them with crime,And gave false witness to their deedsFor nothing more than political needs.It's a smear proclaimed the New York TimesThose liars all committed crimes.Chris Matthews raged, foamed at the mouth,Still the turncoat's campaign headed south.  So the Swiftboat Veterans' charges stuckAnd made poor John a sitting...(Read Full Article)