Thucydides to Taiwan: arm yurself

Here's a question for the presidential candidates as they prepare for their last debate: How will you approach China—Taiwan relations? This isn't an abstract question: Our next president could well have to deal with a war in the Taiwan Strait. China is building a commanding military edge over Taiwan at the same time pressure is mounting on Beijing to act against the island. While Sino—American relations have been on the upswing since 9/11, that could change overnight. Last spring the Taiwanese electorate returned President Chen Shui—bian, an outspoken proponent of independence from the mainland, to office. Chen has vowed to put a new draft constitution to a referendum in 2006, flouting the longstanding "one China" principle. If approved, the document would enter into force in 2008. Beijing interprets the plan to enact a new constitution as a precursor to formal Taiwanese independence. Taipei thus seems to be edging toward one of China's "redlines" for military...(Read Full Article)