The 'Real Voice' Is George Soros

Like all patriotic Americans I say thank heaven for campaign finance reform, else wise we would have to suffer the hideous prospect of money being involved in politics. Worse still, we would have to put up with the spectacle of people stooping to the lowest forms of spectacle to try to make their political points. But thanks to the philosophes McCain and Feingold, all such concerns are behind us. To illustrate this brave new world one could point to almost any campaign advertisement run by those noble souls on the Democrat side. But let's just choose one—the current ad that features the bereaved families of soldiers who have died in Iraq trying to prevent another 9/11. (Try not to confuse these ads with those by the widows of the families of 9/11, which have practically the same provenance and say practically the same thing.) The ad is tastefully called 'A Mother's Tears' It is put out by a high—minded 527 group—Real Voices—which perforce has nothing to do...(Read Full Article)