The nuisance vote

In a very revealing interview with the New York Times Magazine recently, John Kerry described the War on Terror as a "nuisance," restating his previous contention that it is mostly a matter of law enforcement and small—scale individual actions.  He further adds, 'we have to get back to where we were' before September 11, 2001, when terrorism 'wasn't the focus of our daily lives.' Richard Holbrooke, his would—be Secretary of State, also chimed in that the "War" on Terror is simply a metaphor, much the same as the "War" on Poverty or the "War" on Drugs. Many analysts have jumped on his comments, noting that his reasoning is shortsighted and dangerous, and that it utterly fails to grasp the nature of the threat before us. Kerry does not truly believe that we're actually engaged in a war against fanatical Muslim extremists, state—supported, whose goal is to destroy Western Christian and Jewish (including Israel) society. Instead, he apparently feels the whole...(Read Full Article)