The biggest story unfit to print

CBS, the network America trusts to deliver Democrat propaganda, defended its decision to run with a story—— one that relied heavily on clumsily forged documents—— intended to discredit President Bush's service in the Air National Guard: We have been working on this for five years, proclaimed Gunga Dan. And if it turned out that Bush, having greatly exceeded his flight requirements for the first four years of his hitch, really did decide to coast in the last two (returning Vietnam vets had produced a glut of pilots), the story would still be utterly trivial. As CBS toiled to knock its hit piece into shape, the world continued to spin and events with actual news content continued to occur. A few of these were undoubtedly worthy of attention, but they sometimes presented the mainstream media with an ethical dilemma, as the desired Republican villains were not always available. One combination of celebrity and scandal with tremendous marquee value had to be...(Read Full Article)