Presidential campaigns and the draft

The current Democratic demagoguery on the draft is aimed a group of young people with no personal experience with conscription. They can't put the issue in context, and the revisionist history taught in our schools and referenced in the mainstream media does not meet the need. So how to educate our college age population? Maybe by putting them in the shoes of their predecessors. Recommend that they go to the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial website. Ask them to do a search on any birthdate in the year 1948. What will they typically find? For illustration, let's search September 11, 1948. There are twenty seven men with that birthdate whose names are engraved on The Wall. None of them ever got to vote in a presidential election! Eighteen of them died before reaching the voting age of 21 and never voted in any election. These men were powerless to change the government policies that sent them to war. Most would have been single, with a high school education at best. Many were from modest...(Read Full Article)