Polls, propaganda and prevarication

The Baehr Essentials Newsweek is out with the first post—debate poll by a major news or polling organization.  The poll shows John Kerry has regained the lead, running 2 or 3 points ahead of President Bush among registered voters, depending on whether Ralph Nader is included in the survey.  Bush supporters should avoid pulling their hair out. This poll means nothing. Start with a few basics. The Newsweek poll indicates that by a 61%—19% margin, registered voters in the survey believe that Kerry won the debate. The survey also indicates that 74% of registered voters in the survey group watched the debate.  Stop here. Approximately 62 million people watched the debate on television. There are approximately 135 to 140 million registered voters in the country. So fewer than half of all registered voters saw the debate, but 74% of Newsweek's survey group did. Three networks conducted traditional post debate telephone surveys on who won the debate. Kerry won the...(Read Full Article)