Peddling the myth of the stolen election

Al Gore, whose endorsement of Howard Dean proved to be the kiss of death during the Democratic primary season, is suddenly campaigning in Florida for the Kerry/Edwards ticket. The reason is obvious: the Democrats are yet again peddling the myth that Florida was "stolen" in the 2000 presidential election, as a means of encouraging an anger—fuelled high turnout of their base. Black voters in particular have been endlessly instructed that millions of them were somehow "disenfranchised," despite a complete lack of evidence and a contrary conclusion from the US Civil Rights Commission.   Sending in a man who is, frankly, an embarrassment to the entire political class, is a demonstration of the desperation of the Democrats. But there are deeper roots as well. In January, on the day The American Thinker made its formal debut, a slightly different version of this article appeared, definitively debunking the myth of the stolen election.   Elections in which vengeful anger...(Read Full Article)