John Zogby, the DNC's polling shill

For much of the year, pollster John Zogby has been telling anyone who will listen that the election is John Kerry's to lose. With virtually all polls by all pollsters, including Zogby, showing a very close race for the presidency all year, the confident message that Kerry would win would be surprising coming from any pollster. But John Zogby is not any pollster. For Zogby is viewed by many in the political culture as the pollster who gets it right. This reputation is to some extent undeserved. In 1996, Zogby predicted Bill Clinton's margin of victory within 0.1% of the actual margin obtained. That sounds great. But in 1996 there was never much drama as to the outcome of the Presidential race.  Several pollsters had Clinton winning by over 10%. In the end he won by just over 8%. So was Zogby's percentage call really a big deal? In 2000, Zogby picked up a late Gore surge,  as did some others, and predicted Gore would win the popular vote by 2%. Gore won the popular vote by...(Read Full Article)