Jewish anti-Semitism

The existence of 'black sheep' in families is not all that unusual. What stands out among various ethnic groups is the unique degree of malevolence exhibited by the Jewish black sheep against their fellow Jews, which would then qualify them as Jewish anti—Semites. Simply having Jewish ancestors is no obstacle to being an anti—Semite. We can consider a spectrum of moral behavior ranging from the most ethical to the most evil. This article deals only with consciously (in my opinion) anti—Semitic Jews and not with those Jews who are only misguided into supporting evil but who do not consciously intend to do harm. Jewish anti—Semites usually pose as Jews with a legitimate goal, such as promoting peace or simply exercising their right of free speech for a noble purpose. It is hard for many people to believe that those of Jewish ancestry could actually be anti—Semites. To the uninitiated and the unsuspecting their arguments can even seem persuasive, all...(Read Full Article)