Condo wars: the fight for Florida

In 2000, Florida's 25 Electoral College votes were decided by a mere 537 votes out of over 6 million. The Florida election was close for one primary reason: what I will call the Lieberman love factor among Jewish voters in southeast Florida.  Jewish Floridians, who account for as much as 7% of the statewide turnout, voted in record numbers for the Gore Lieberman ticket in 2000.  This year, Lieberman is not on the Democratic ticket, and President Bush has a very strong record of support for Israel.  Having just returned from three days of speaking to Jewish groups around the state of Florida, it is apparent that a fierce battle is being waged by Bush supporters to unlock the Democratic stranglehold in Southeast Florida. The Democrats, for their part, are not conceding an inch. And so we have the war of the condos. In 1996, Bill Clinton won Florida by 302,000 votes, carrying Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties by 382,000 votes, and trailing Bob Dole by 80,000 in the...(Read Full Article)