Was the election in Venezuela stolen?

Several weeks back, New York Times columnist Paul Krugman warned that the Presidential election might be stolen in Florida. This year, he warned, unlike the Presidential race in 2000, the election might be stolen even without help from the Supreme Court. The fraud would be perpetrated through the use of new touch screen voting machines which do not leave a paper trail.  This meant that Bush die—hards working for Florida Governor Jeb Bush could or would fix the results regardless of the real vote (presumably by receiving secret passwords or instructions from the machine manufacturers). Shockingly, one executive with Diebold, one of the machine manufacturers, was a Bush supporter! For Krugman, this all but assured that the dastardly deed would occur, if needed.  Krugman, of course, never suggested or even contemplated that anybody on the left might do something so nasty and unethical. Well, it turns out that the Left may have just stolen an election in...(Read Full Article)