Threading a small needle

The Baehr Essentials The Democrats have all but formally written—off the entire South, except for Florida, as well as a few other states once considered prime pickup opportunities. The ad buys for the next month by the Kerry campaign and the DNC do not include a dollar for ads in Missouri, Colorado, Arizona, or five Southern states that were thought to be possible pickup opportunities —— Arkansas, Louisiana, Tennessee, North Carolina and Virginia. Two recent polls give Bush a 14 point lead in Missouri, and a 16 point lead in Arizona. Those states are off the board, and Kerry's campaign knows it. In the 14 states in which the Kerry campaign and the DNC will advertise, 9 are states won by Gore last time. So the Kerry team is now fully aware they will have to play defense first —— get a firmer grip on their own states. Ads will air in these 9 Gore states: Iowa (7), New Mexico (5), Michigan (17), Oregon (7), Wisconsin (10),  Pennsylvania (21), Maine...(Read Full Article)