The 1988 Iran massacre: crimes against humanity

September 1st is recognized by Amnesty International as the 'International Day in Remembrance of the Massacre of Political Prisoners' in light of the massacre of political prisoners in Iran in 1988. In the span of several months, thousands of political prisoners in what is now known as 'The 1988 Iran massacre' were brutally murdered. Iranians, including former political prisoners like me, along with many international law experts, believe that this heinous atrocity, one of the most under—reported political mass killings of our times, qualifies the current Iranian leadership as perpetrators of crimes against humanity. * * * The roots of the 1988 Massacre go back to the early years of the mullahs' rule when the newly established theocracy began to crackdown on the democratic opposition forces. Soon after the 1979 revolution, the paramilitary forces and state—sponsored fanatic vigilantes regularly attacked political rallies and the offices and publishing houses of...(Read Full Article)