Which campaign is really in trouble?

The Baehr Essentials Based on events of the past few months, the Kerry Edwards ticket should now have vaulted to a comfortable lead of between five and ten points. In April, American casualties in Iraq soared to their highest one month level since the war began.  The following month came the revelation of the Abu Ghraib scandal.  In early July, Senator John Kerry picked John Edwards as his running mate to almost universal media acclaim.  The Democratic convention went off smoothly, and Kerry's acceptance speech to a decent size TV audience was generally well received. Images of Kerry as a strong leader and a war veteran were all over the stage and screen. The most recent economic data indicated a slowing from the rapid economic growth rate that occurred in the first quarter, and a lower level of monthly job creation.  And perhaps most significantly, the Kerry campaign, supplemented by very heavy support from 527 support groups, has been outspending the Bush...(Read Full Article)