The state of the race

The Baehr Essentials The Kerry and Bush campaigns have spent about $400 million between them so far.  Add the two national committees, plus the other Democratic candidates and the spending by independent groups, and with 10 weeks to go before Election Day, total spending on the Presidential race is fast approaching three quarters of a billion dollars.  And the net result: one state has flipped. New Hampshire, with 4 Electoral College votes, appears to be leaning to Kerry though it voted last time for Bush. The other 49 states might well vote for the same party as last time. If that is in fact the case, Bush would win 274—264, a slightly larger margin than last time, despite winning one fewer state, as a result of the redistricting that occurred after the 2000 census.   As a result of that redistricting the Bush (red) states now total 278 Electoral College votes, the Gore (blue) states, 260. In the most recent six national polls, three show a tie between...(Read Full Article)