The myth of the stolen election

[Editor's note: Richard Baehr published the definitive analysis of the false claim that that the 2000 election was stolen on our site's debut day last January. Given the extreme bitterness of the current election, the mobilization of thousands of Democrat lawyers to litigate the forthcoming election, and the many readers who have discovered our site in the interim, we are re—publishing it today.] Elections in which vengeful anger is the strongest motivating force for one or more sides, deviate from the American norm. Rhetoric, tactics, strategy, judgment, and voter turnout are all affected, often in surprising ways, and blunders, major and minor, become even more common than usual. While the ideological divide between the two sides often has been quite sharp, the current level of personal bitterness is unusually high, by recent historical standards.  In this election cycle, the tone of ugliness is being set on the left. Established liberal writers for...(Read Full Article)