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C—SPAN founder, CEO, and host Brian Lamb has decided to discontinue the hour—long weekly program Booknotes in December, after 15 years and 800 interviews. Our loss is Lamb's gain, as he estimates that he has devoted nearly two years of his life reading the books by the authors that have been featured on the program. Preparation for one show requires 20 hours of reading and formulating queries on Lamb's part. Booknotes will yield to a new program called Q&A. Booknotes is one of the best programs on television, and certainly the best regarding the world of books. Coming as it does on Sunday evenings at 8:00 eastern, it is an oasis of calm after struggling through an hour of 60 Minutes. Lamb, who is often mistaken in airports for John Glenn or John McCain, is the no—nonsense host, asking questions of the featured author for an hour. Mostly Lamb listens and allows the writer to talk. The set of Booknotes is as unpretentious and relaxed as its host. The simple black...(Read Full Article)