Querying Kerry in Cambodia

John Kerry is beginning to look as clumsy as George Bush in answering questions about his military records. In February Bush was accused by Terry McAuliffe on Tim Russert's Meet the Press show of having been AWOL on his National Guard service in Alabama. In spite of Bush's appearance on Russert's show in March promising to release his records, it took another six weeks of White House fumbling before they were made available. The records released were incomplete. According to the White House, some of the records were misplaced. Frustration mounted until the Associated Press actually sued Bush for release of all records in June and the missing records finally were found in July. They proved Bush's contention that he had served to the satisfaction of his commanders and his honorable discharge was deserved. This might have ended the matter, but the confusion with which the White House bungled the issue for five months has still left many with the misperception that the White House is...(Read Full Article)