NPR's odd 'expert'

National Public Radio's choice of an expert to interview  on the terror alert in New York, Newark, and Washington, DC is odd, to say the least. Larry Johnson, a former CIA agent, proclaimed on the public air that the alert is "grandstanding," and contends that it is absurd, counter—productive and plays into terrorists' hands. This is the one expert NPR interviews, to discredit the Administration. But look at his past. Johnson was out in front of those demanding a Senate investigation into the 'outing' of Valerie Plame, the wife of now—discredited diplomat Joseph Wilson, a man so radioactive that the Kerry campaign website has expunged its links to their former 'advisor.' In a revealing interview with CNN, Johnson's views exaggerated the 'damage' done by revealing the identity of Plame, a woman who willingly posed for a magazine photographer in a glam shot, seated in her Jaguar convertible. So hysterical was Johnson that the CNN interviewer remarked, 'After...(Read Full Article)