A Peek into Kerry's Soul

Despite his wish that merely saying it to his supporters in the populace and the sycophants in the media will make it so, Sen. John Kerry's claim that President George W. Bush is behind the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth campaign is false. Anybody who truly thinks these veterans would be so easily pushed around by a political party is in need of a new pair of paper slippers. The President has said publicly and through his representatives that he honors the military service of Kerry. President Bush has also long maintained that the 2004 campaign centers around questions not of the Vietnam War, but the war on terrorism. President Bush is not responsible for primary voters ignoring the only Democrat in the primary race — Sen. Joe Lieberman — who said anything responsible about the threat faced by the United States. President Bush did not force Kerry to accentuate his military service in the snows of New Hampshire and Iowa and the Democratic primaries. President Bush has...(Read Full Article)