Revolting Elites

Sighted this week in Princeton, New Jersey: a BMW sports car bearing bumper stickers that proclaimed the driver to have "A PBS Mind in a Fox News World" and enjoined Americans to "Think: It's Patriotic." However silly the sentiments conveyed, you have to give the designer of the stickers and the person who bought them credit for packing so much contempt and condescension into so few words. By all appearances the owner of the BMW has fared well in American society. She —— a third sticker informed passersby that "Some Women Are Born to Lead: You're Following One" —— was driving a pricey automobile, living in one of the most upscale communities in the United States, and working either at one of our top universities or at one of the many prosperous firms located in and around Princeton. What, then, accounts for her disdain for ordinary Americans? A much remarked—upon phenomenon, especially since the famous Blue/Red America map was unveiled on Election Day...(Read Full Article)