None dare call it treason

Weir thinking about it As Iraq continues its struggle to form a democracy, and the hunt for terrorists goes on in Afghanistan, the usual assortment of protesters is back in the news. These holdovers from, and emulators of, the sixties anti—war movement haven't changed a bit. You have to wonder about people like that. They live in a country under constant threat from terrorists, and instead of marching with signs that call for the elimination of our enemies, or signs that condemn those who murdered their fellow Americans, they criticize their own country for striking back. How does one reason with someone who thinks that way? The answer is that you don't. You see them for what they are, malcontents who have nothing else to do with their moribund lives, therefore, they search for a cause to make them feel like they're useful. Whenever I try to grasp the motive for someone's actions, I try to personalize it. For example, if one of those sign carriers lost his family in the 9/11...(Read Full Article)