Let's do lunch

Berkeley, California, my home town, has a well—deserved reputation for leftist absurdity. Many bad ideas either originated here, or were developed to their logical extreme by activists in and out of the local municipal government. Yet, like a broken clock, from time to time Berkeley is correct, albeit never so frequently as twice a day. When the subject is food, Berkeley's ratio of gold to dross improves beyond the usual microscopic fraction. While the impulse to scold the unenlightened remains, and the willingness to embrace the absurd is undiminished, Berkeley does know its food and wine, and really likes a good meal. The usual grimness of the left is tempered in Berkeley by the sheer beauty of the landscape, the mildness of the climate, and the ability of the nearby farms, ocean waters and vineyards to yield exquisitely delicious products. Very few places anywhere boast a better selection of restaurants, and the city's greengrocers and fishmongers are among the very best in...(Read Full Article)