Israel, the courts and Michael Moore

On July 9th, the International Court in The Hague is expected to announce its ruling on the legality of Israel's security fence. Perhaps in a bow to The Hague, Israel's Supreme Court, in two separate rulings this week, struck down the planned path of the fence in the Jerusalem area, arguing that the proposed path would cause  too much inconvenience to the daily lives of Palestinians living in the area. At the same time, the Court effectively accepted that the fence was a legal method for Israel to improve its security from terrorists entering from the West Bank, and also accepted that land confiscation (with appropriate payment to landowners) was legal as well. The Sharon government and the IDF accepted the Court's decision (Israel is a country of laws after all) and indicated that adjusting the route of the fence would delay its completion by six months or more.  Unstated, but understood, was that in those six months, incursions by suicide bombers from the West Bank...(Read Full Article)