Anti-Semitism in France: not only for Jews

Friday morning on a Paris commuter train, the infernal cycle of anti—Semitism, silence and fear appeared once again. Six Arab youths attacked a twenty—three—year—old young mother with her thirteen—month—old baby. They started by stealing her hand bag and then, looking at her wallet, found out that she had an address in a posh section of Paris, the 16th district. One of the Arabs yelled, 'The 16th —— all the Jews live there.' Assuming that she was Jewish, they became wildly aggressive. They pulled knives, slashed her T—shirt and trousers, and cut her hair for a souvenir. They then drew three swastikas on her belly with black pens, and before getting out, overran the stroller, so the baby fell over. The whole attack lasted about ten minutes, and was witnessed by over twenty people sitting in the train coach at that time. But nobody did anything, not even pulling the emergency signal. As of today, no witnesses have come forward...(Read Full Article)